Sunday, June 22, 2008

Doubles Anyone?

Aaron and I love to play tennis. We try to get in at least an hour every night. Saturdays are our favorite because its double the fun.

First, we load up the basket...

Next, we ride our bikes to Congress Park... (And check out my fun new toy. After spending an entire Saturday bike shopping, Aaron and I decided that this was the bike for us. The K2 Big Easy... it is like floating on air!)

Then, we play tennis for an hour or so...

And afterwards we have a picnic! (Yesterdays picnic was a little sad because of the lack of food in our house due to the recent vacation. It consisted of 2 ham and cheese sandwiches, 2 smores granola bars, 3 rice cakes, 6 oreos and 1 orange.)

If anyone is interested in playing doubles, just let us know! Don't worry we really aren't that good ;)


Nisa said...

We're game. Just fly to Texas!

Honey said...

I love your new bike! You guys are so fun.