Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Waffles

Today is a very bittersweet day. I am in beautiful Mexico with my wonderful husband but... today I am giving my beloved waffle iron a break. This will be the first Sunday in a while that I will have to go without my waffles. Growing up we always had waffles every Saturday morning. Now it has become a tradition in our home that on Sundays for either breakfast or lunch we eat yummy waffles with strawberries! Mostly this is due to a sweet waffle iron that we received for our wedding. (On a side note... For anyone out there that is considering marriage I would highly recommend it for numerous reasons... but one to really consider is that you get sweet presents just for falling in love. Not to make light of marriage or to say that anyone should get married just for the presents but it is something to consider!) Well back to my waffles... My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I should have just brought the waffle iron with me ;)


Nisa said...

I cannot believe that you two are in Mexico. SO JEALOUS!!! Want to come back home and watch two adorable kids and a new baby so we can go on vacation before Brett starts school and I never see him again! You know you do!

Honey said...

I think I could trade a Sunday of waffles for a week in Mexico...hope you guys are having fun!

rebecca said...

Angela, when I showed my kids your blog, Mia said, "Who did Angela marry again??" I found it funny that she remembered you and not Uncle Aaron! (Sorry Aaron...) She still talks about your wedding. Thanks for inviting her to the dinner - she was in heaven.