Thursday, July 22, 2010


The Bathroom.

I love the claw foot tub, the brick, and how everything is white. It makes the room feel so clean. Although it does mean that I have to clean it more often, because it is easier to see the dirt. Not that cleaning a bathroom is a bad thing. It's just never my favorite thing to do.

The previous owners were going to leave us their shelving unit that they used in the bathroom, but I opted not to take it. See as fun as pedestal sinks are, they aren't very convenient in a full bath that you use to get ready. There is no place to put my hair dyer, curling iron, make up and all of the other "getting ready" necessities. So I choose to buy a short cabinet, now I at least have some counter space. It doesn't really leave much room for storage, but we get by.

Some of my favorite parts of the bathroom are the towel hook, the mirror, and the cabinet knobs.
That's our bathroom. I think it's pretty cool!

Tomorrow, My room...

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Sweetest Of All said...

I'm officially ready to move in. And you reminded me of my favorite dates with D, back in the day when he was home enough to date. WE used to peruse World Market. Love that place.