Friday, July 16, 2010


Purchase #1- A while back, on the day of Ethan's blessing to be exact, we drove into my parents' neighborhood and they were having a community garage sale. We happened to drive by a home that was selling a Weber grill for $50. So we purchased it. The guy who sold it took such good care of it. He didn't even want to part with it. He told us all of the tricks, like how to set up the burners a certain way to get the best tasting chicken. Well after purchasing the grill we realized that it didn't fit in our car. So we put it in the back of Aaron's brother's truck who happened to be there for Ethan's blessing. Then we forgot about it.

A few weeks went by and one night Aaron's brother asks, "When do you guys want your grill?"- Oh yea we purchased a grill! (Who knows if Ryan hadn't said anything, Ryan and Honey you could be the proud owners of a used Weber grill ;) Well thankfully Aaron's brother brought the grill down to our house. This week Aaron purchased a propane tank. We have been loving our new grill. So far nothing too fancy has been made. Just some burgers and kabobs. But we are sure excited about all of our grilling possibilities!

Purchase #2- This has to do with how awesome my husband is. Now obviously I know that, but apparently I am not the only one who has noticed. Every quarter, at Aaron's job, the company- which by the way was just voted the #1 fastest growing company in Denver, Congrats!- holds a company-wide meeting and among other things, awards the Fran Roby award. See a while back, this bonafide award, complete with gold stamp and glass frame, was discovered at a client site rewarding an employee for "Outstanding Work resulting in an Approaches Expectations up from A Needs Improvement" Wow what an award! Well sort of as a joke his company gets together to give away this award- not for a step up from a needs improvement, but they give it to the hardest working employee. In fact all of the employees in the company vote each quarter on who they believed to be the hardest working. Well Aaron has won this award twice in the recent past. Way to go husband! And this award came with a prize- a $100 gift card!

So last night Aaron comes home. "I have a surprise for you!" he tells me. He hands me a grocery bag filled with strawberries, raspberries, cream, and... a gelato recipe book. Gelato recipe book? A trip out to the trunk of the car and the mystery was revealed: "I used my gift card to buy YOU a gelato maker!" Now don't get me wrong, I was stoked! Gelato, ice cream, sorbet- I love it all! But I just thought it was a little suspicious that he kept emphasizing that he bought ME a gelato maker, when I will be the one making the gelato of which he will partake. Gift for me or him? hmmm...

Thanks Aaron! I love it! Last night was Strawberry Gelato. Which actually turned out more like ice cream. I'll get the consistency right eventually. Tonight Raspberry Sorbet! Yummm!


Honey said...

Awesome grill! We almost had kabobs this week, too. Ryan bought everything for them, but the skewers - oops. Your gelato/ice cream looks awesome! The perfect summer treat!

Carla said...

Mmmm! We're coming right over! ;) Way to go Aaron!